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Dakota Zoo

The Dakota Zoo originally opened its doors on June 3rd 1961 and has been going strong since. The zoo is now home to over 600 animals. While visiting the zoo you can hop on board the Tribune Express or the Leach Express, and these 20 minute train rides will take you on a tour throughout the park and explain more about the animals that call the zoo home. The zoo also has a children's play area, concession stands and gift shops.
602 Riverside Park Road; Bismarck , ND 58508

Fort Lincoln Trolley

The Fort Lincoln Trolley is a wonderful scenic tour throughout the beautiful Heart River. This riverboat tour takes you on a journey through the historic Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park.
Phone #- 701-663-9018

Charity Lutheran Church

The Charity Lutheran Church of Bismarck, ND is not only a beautiful church, but they are also a loving congregation who work hard to make everyone feel at home. They strive to make the word of god reach everyone that enters their church. They also have a wonderful worship service. Charity Lutheran Church is located at 120 Aspen Ave,; Bismarck, ND 58503 Phone #- 701-258-1228

Fantasy of Lights Parade

The fun and energetic atmosphere of the Fantasy of Lights Parade is great for the entire family. This parade highlights the celebrations of Christmas time. It is the only Bismarck- Mandan's nighttime parade. The parade features Christmas floats and a wonderful collection of holiday lights. The Fantasy of Lights Parade begins on Avenue C and continues down 5th street.

Bismarck Bobcats Hockey

The Bismarck Bobcats Hockey League is a fun and exciting group of junior league hockey players from all over North Dakota.

North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame

The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame is located at 1110 College Dr.; Bismarck, ND 58501. This Hall of Fame museum highlights the greatest cowboys of North Dakota's time. It carries a wide variety of memorabilia's of the past and present cowboys and their infamous battles.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is located on a Slant Indian Village in Bismarck North Dakota. This historic land is where Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and the Seventh Cavalry rode out on their ill-fated expedition against the Sioux at the Little Big Horn. The park is now open for tours of the colonial building and historical land.

Steamboat Warehouse State Historic Marker

The Steamboat Warehouse State Historic Marker denotes the site of the Northern Pacific Railway Company warehouse that was built in 1883.

Pebble Creek Golf Course

The Pebble Creek Golf Course is a small and intimate 9 hole golf course. It is placed on a beautiful space of green land. Pebble Creek Golf Course also features a lovely country club.

North Dakota State Capital

The North Dakota State Capital is one of two in the nation without a dome and one of three that is a skyscraper. it is North Dakota's tallest building at 19 stories. The state capital building was built in 1934, during the depression. It also des not have any exterior ornamentation. It is located at 600 East Boulevard Ave.; Bismarck, ND 58505-0660

North Dakota Heritage Center

The North Dakota Heritage Center is located at 612East Boulevard Ave.; Bismarck, ND 58505-0830. The Heritage Center is the largest museum in North Dakota. It has a collection of Plains Indian artifacts and interpretive exhibits.

Lewis and Clark Riverboat

The Lewis and Clark Riverboat is a wonderful cruise of the Missouri from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The boat has a 140 passenger capacity and features a full bar and gift shop.

Hawktree Golf Club

The Hawktree Golf Club is a beautiful 18 hole golf course on a wonderful space of land. The golf club also has a country club and a pro shop.

Downtown Bismarck Street Fair

The Downtown Bismarck Street Fair is an outside fair that features over 200 arts, crafts and specialty booths. The fair also offers different types of fine cuisine with over 50 or more food booths

Church of the Ascension

The Church of the Ascension is located at 1905 S St.; Bismarck, ND 58504-7118. The church is one the most beautiful structures of its time. The church has a wonderful congregation and a loving environment.

Former Governor's Mansion

The former governor's Mansion is a beautiful Victorian in the wonderful Bismarck, North Dakota. The mansion was home to 21 former Governors of Bismarck North Dakota. The mansion can be located at 320 East Avenue; Bismarck, ND 58501-3682

Double Ditch Indian Village State Historic Site

The Double Ditch Indian Village State Historic Site contains the ruins of a large Mandan Indian earth lodge village inhabited during 1675-1780. It is also the site of the first scientific archaeological excavation on the upper Missouri River. The Double Ditch Indian Village State Historic Site is located 7 1/2 miles North of Bismarck; Bismarck North Dakota.

Big Mouth Battlefield State Historic Site

Located in Kidder County, a headstone marks the place where Dr. Josiah S. Weiser was shot on July 24, 1863. This death because of the Battle of Big Mound, a fight between General Henry H. Sibley's Minnesota Volunteers and a group of Sioux who were thought to have been involved in the Conflict of 1862.

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