Monday, September 21, 2009

Lake Minnehaha 09'

A ride from Orlando, Florida to Clermont, Florida is nowhere near the longest car ride I’ve lived through however the 45 minute drive used to be pretty uncomfortable in the back seat of a coupe. My dad’s best friend and family came down from Maryland to visit some of his family in Clermont and since we are all very close we were invited to tag along. We rented a Ford Explorer from Hertz and about 7 of us rode very comfortably for our hour long trip. During the short 45 minute ride nothing really exciting happened however all the fun began when we arrived in Clermont. While arriving to our destination we noticed a brand new jet boat in front of their driveway, as we entered the house we sat down for a while until everyone decided they wanted to go to tubing on a lake with the boat. We ended up driving to Lake Minnehaha which was only about 20 minutes from the house, the advantage of having the Ford Explorer was that while everyone was getting ready at the house we loaded up the grill in the trunk with ease as well as a suitcase filled with a change of clothes for everyone. On the way to the lake everyone was very excited to either get on the new boat, get on the tubes or both. My cousin boasted that he had an A+ in physics at Drexel University so it would be impossible to make him fly off of the tube. To everyone’s disappointment we took the twin supercharged Sea Doo Speedster 200 to nearly 50 MPH, twisting, turning, circling and the tube carried right along with it as he maintained his position for the whole ride. When I got on the tube it was a completely different story – mainly because I enjoy jumping off and pulling whoever is on with me off too. I went on with my little brother who weighs 100 lbs in wet clothes so performing that task was simple, I waited until we got to around 20-25 MPH and pulled him off with me and then proceeded to tell him I saw an alligator in the lake, he practically swam back to the boat before I even finished my sentence! After that run we cranked up the grill and enjoyed some food. Getting back to the house was a lot less fun than leaving, mainly because everyone that was excited fell asleep or bragged about how long they stayed on the tube, it was actually pretty annoying! As soon as we got back we sat down for about an hour or so and headed back to my house in Orlando so we could finally relax. We got home at about 8PM and decided to head out for some dinner, we went to Tabla Bar & Grill in Orlando and enjoyed every minute of it, usually I spend my weekends doing my homework, studying or at least something productive however I spent this weekend doing nothing of the sort and I actually enjoyed it!


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