Friday, September 11, 2009

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox 2009

Driving to Boston, Massachusetts in a car that was evenly divided by Tampa Bay Rays fans and Boston Red Sox Fans was a very awkward experience. Not only was it a long drive the trash talking was endless for almost the whole way there. It seemed like the only times it was quiet was when everyone but the driver was sleeping or when we were eating. Lucky enough the 6 of us rented a minivan from the Orlando International Airport (MCO). This vehicle wasn’t a chick magnet but this soccer mom van got us guys to our baseball game, and very comfortably at that. Not only was the ride comfortable it was pretty cheap too! Using Rental Car Momma we saved a little over $100 on our rental. As I stated earlier the trash talking was going on the whole way there however it wasn’t as bad because the seats were spaced farther apart than they would have been in any of our sedans or coupes. Boston is an overall beautiful city, the driver’s wife requested (some would call it demanding) that we stop at Massachusetts Bay to take pictures and purchase some souvenirs since she was not able to attend our “guys only weekend”. We parked the van and spent some time at the bay and surprisingly we actually enjoyed it! It was unlike any sights I’ve seen in Florida! One thing that was a MUST in Massachusetts was the Winery and Breweries we were all interested in those so we visited the Plymouth Bay Brewery and enjoyed every second of it, we never knew that our favorite baseball game beverages went through such a complex process! Aside from out little stops we made we were most excited about the baseball game, Fenway Park is a beautiful field and it’s pretty big at that – stepping into the stadium and seeing the field was just a breathtaking experience and at that point I could hardly wait for the game to start. All I have to say is I have my money on the Red Sox so hopefully things go my way!


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