Thursday, October 8, 2009

Back in B-MORE!

Man, where do I start? I finally made it back to bmore after 17 years of being in Florida. For those who aren't from B-More that's Baltimore for short. Man did I miss it. To start off when we got there we found out we got upgraded to a new camaro at the Avis rental car place. Sweeeeet! Of course I had to play it off like it was really my car and not a rental. You know I had to do a little flossin. Once we hopped in the whip we bounced to my old neighborhood to check things out. Swung by my old middle and high schools to get a blast from the past. Had to work up a appetite, So now it's on! First place we went to was Attman's on Lombard st.. This place is off the chizzzzain. I got the Whopper which is corned beef with pastrami, rye bread, Russian dressing and cole slaw. Swwwww! Hit the spot. Nobody does corned beef like Attman's. Jewish deli's are the shizzznick. Then I decided to hit up the mall I remember going to as a kid, Owings Mills Mall. I remember when it first opened, It was the nicest mall around. With it's gold plated railings of course as kids we thought they were solid gold, LOL. But man has it changed. I still got the hook up on some old school Adidas forums (the suede ones too). I copped them for $30.00. What a lick. I ain't seen them since I was in school. Anyways, off to the hotel. We stayed at the Marriott by the inner harbor. Talk about nice. Plus it was only 5 blocks from the harbor. So of course we walked down there. Even though we had a fresh camaro sittin in the parking garage. While down at the harbor we went to Phillips to eat some good and I mean good crab cakes. For those that don't know Maryland is the place for crab cakes. Man, crabs for that matter. After a few drinks feeling real good now on top of being back in my home state. We start to plan for the days to come. We have the next 2 days to spend in D.C.. Very cool I should say. Last time I was in D.C. it was middle school on field trips. We drove to union station and caught the trolley tour threw D.C.. We checked out all the memorials. Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Veterans, Miller(LOL) you name it. What really cool was getting a tour to go through the capitol. I've never been in there. Very Nice. We also were able to get good pictures of the White House. Talking about the white house, The police presence was crazy around there. There was a lady who open a gate by the white house and walked on the property. Man let me tell you not a good move. The police hawked down on her like crazy. Funny, but very serious at the same time. They don't play around there so be on your P's and Q's when you visit. Not a place to be doing stupid stuff. Besides that all the history around there that should be all that's on your mind. While we there we went to the air and space Smithsonian. That was pretty cool since my lovely wife's grandfather helped build the persian 2 missle which was on display there. There was lots of cool planes and space ships from the past also. Crazy that we actually go in space like that. There was a poor monkey they had on display (Dead of course) that used to put in space back before they used people. Poor guy, The look on it's little face :( . After that we went to have lunch at one of the local eateries. Had to get a cheese steak sub. I haven't had a good cheese steak since I lived up here. Florida doesn't do good cheese steak. We pretty much saw everything you could see while we there. If you do go to D.C. you have to use The Old Town Trolley. The drivers knew their stuff. Very informative. They deserve every tip they get. Always on time to pick you up and take you to the next destination. After that we piped out in the camaro back to B-MORE. The next day we were chillin in bmore. We went to the Aquarium in the inner harbor. We picked field trip day to go (not on purpose) but it was cool. The kids seemed to have a great time. We checked out the dolphim show and got watch the feeding of the sharks and the rays. They also had a sea turtle which was rescued and only had 3 flippers. They were training him or her to tap it's nose on this card that had an big X on it. Once it hit the X they would feed it heads of romain lettuce. There was lots of fish and cool birds to see there also. Off to get some lunch at De Pasquales by Patterson Park. That was the best Italian food I've ever had. I left there so full. They had so much food to choose from I almost got everything they had. Only if I still lived there, But then again I would probably would weight 300 pounds from all the good eatin up there. We had breakfast at the Blue Moon in Fell's Point which had the best crab and bacon eggs benedict I ever had in my life. If you like pancakes they had captain crunch pancakes too. Different, But sounds good. Later on that night we went to the U2 concert at Fed Ex field, OMG!!!!! BONOOO!!!!! Just kidding, my wife is the huge U2 fan almost groupie LOL. If you consider someone who goes to a concert in D.C. then Atlanta, then Tampa all in the same year actually back to back to back a groupie lol. It was cool for a first time experience. The next day I met up with one of my best friends from high school and had drinks at the inner harbor. It was cool to catch up on old times and see some old friends. The only bad thing about this trip is that I had to go back to Florida. Life goes on! This was a trip that I will never forget. Go Redskins!!!


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