Thursday, October 29, 2009

Car Accident 09'

Rear Ended Car Accident
Well usually I’m the type of person that hates to admit I got into an accident, even if it really wasn’t my fault at all. However in this blog I will explain how it happened and what I did to get back on my feet…or should I say wheels in just a matter of hours. It all started early one morning on my way to work, I was stopped at a stop light minding my own business and POW! I get rear ended by someone who was not paying attention to the road at the time. I understand that accidents happen so I was not angry when it all happened, the careless driver exited the car and proceeded to admit their guilt and we exchanged information before the police officers came. Since I was not at fault for this accident I was fully covered by my insurance so I didn’t have a worry in the world about this situation. After the cop came and wrote the statements my car was towed to a local body shop where I was told the repair would take about 3 days to fix, the owner of the body shop then took me to the nearest Avis car rental where I got to pick out my brand new car for the next three days. My motto when doing anything is always “go big or go home” and since I had no car to go home in I decided I was better off going big. My decision was the brand new 2009 Chevy Camaro SS, I’ve always wanted to test drive one of these and I guess my dream finally came true, not only did I get to test drive it I got to test drive it for 3 Days! The bright yellow car attracted so much attention to me within the 30 minutes I took to drive from Avis to my house. It seemed like I was getting attention from everyone especially some pretty females, and I thought to myself “I can get used to a car like this” the first day of renting that car was great and I My 2009 Camaro SS from Aviscan truthfully say it was hard to sleep that night knowing I get to wake up and drive it again! My boss was very happy the next day when I showed up 20 minutes early for work simply because I couldn’t wait to leave the house and take a seat into the yellow speed machine. The work day flew by as I anticipated going home, luckily it was a Friday so I was able to show off my new car to all my friends and random people at a local place where a lot of people like to hang out, as soon as I pulled up I stole everyone’s attention as the exhaust pipes roared and the fine tuned American muscle engine purred. The third day was probably the only day I did not want to drive the Camaro all because I knew I was driving it right back to Avis and never to be seen again until I embark on another random road trip to an unknown destination hundreds and hundreds of miles away. Upon returning the car Avis made a quick and easy heartbreak it actually took a record time of 4 minutes and 53 seconds to return this car. Getting picked up from the body shop’s transportation service all I could think about was the Camaro until I finally made my mind, as soon as I get my car back from being repaired I’m going to a Chevy dealership and trading it in for a brand new Camaro!


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