Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Houston 09'

Valdosta Wild Adventure Roller Coaster
Renting a car to drive to Texas was a fairly simply task. I started my journey at the Orlando International Airport where I rented a Corvette ZHZ from Hertz mainly because I just wanted to say I got to drive one! The friendly representative behind the counter then convinced me to rent the Hertz NeverLost with the car since I’ve never driven to Texas and tend to be the person who always stops at every attraction along the way which usually increases my chances of getting lost by a great deal. Before I left Orlando I decided to make my trip a little more interesting and instead of going the fastest way I decided to cruise up to Valdosta, Georgia for a little and enjoy some more of the southern style living. The main reason I wanted to extend the trip a little just to visit Valdosta is because I wanted to visit the Wild Adventures Water & Theme Park coming from Florida we have a ton of water parks however I have never seen such a humble family orientated water or theme park in all my live, this was just 170-acres of friendly southern love at it’s best. Leaving Georgia was something I definitely did not want to do in fact if I could I would have just stayed there! However I had a list of things to do in Houston and time was becoming scarce so I put the pedal to the metal on the Corvette (doing the speed limit of course) and headed toward the lone star state. My next major pit stop was Alabama,
Biloxi Shrimping BoatI didn’t really have an idea of what part I wanted to stop in I just figured I stop wherever the most appealing billboard sign was, believe it or not I didn’t see one that really captured my eye so I decided to stop in Mobile, Alabama simply because I saw a hilarious YouTube video on this small town where many of the locals believed they saw a leprechaun in a tree. I did not see this mystical leprechaun in Mobile however I stopped at a gas station with Wi-Fi and watched the video on my laptop again which made the trip worth wile. It was a little late in the night when we arrived in Mississippi and I was getting tired of driving so I stopped and decided to check into the Magnolia Plantation Inn in Gulfport, Mississippi while checking in a little pamphlet caught my eye, it was the Biloxi Shrimping Tour-without hesitating I read through the whole thing and woke up extra early in the morning so we could get on the tour before we continued driving. The tour was breathtaking; we set sail on the historic “Sailfish” and made our way around the harbor. Returning from our trip they raised the net and displayed a variety of aquatic creatures such as blue crabs, flounder, stingray, oyster fish, squid and one puffer fish. Though this trip put me in the mood for sea food we had to get back on the road. Downtown Houston office buildingsOne of my favorite places in the United States is New Orleans, Louisiana and I could not pass up the opportunity of going there on our journey to Houston. When entering the city limits you can almost hear the jazz music which puts you into an entirely different mind state. Out of all the times I’ve been to New Orleans I’ve never purchased anything, and I made sure I visited the French Quarter where I got an ample amount of souvenirs for my friends and family back home in Orlando, Florida. Not only did I do that I ate at my favorite Italian restaurant in the world, Bacco. I finally got that seafood meal that Gulfport put me in the mood for. After a great dinner I spent the night at the Prince Conti French Quarter Hotel and the next thing I knew I woke up and began my final drive to Texas. In Houston I had to go to a meeting for work which was probably the least favorite part of my trip however getting there was well worth the journey. The same night I began to back track my tire marks and make my way back to sweet home Orlando.


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