Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alamo's Customer Service.

Jacksonville. That was our destination for the Georgia vs. Florida football game. Two huge rivalries in my home state? Couldn't miss it. Unfortunately, last minute, my car decided to throw a rod bearing. Nice. T-minus 48 hours before gametime. After calling relatives to borrow there car (which isnt that easy with my 0-5 with the traffic police) i decided no one would let me drive. So The problem was resolved. I was gonna rent a car. Its now 36 hours before game time. And i still had to drive the 4 hours!

I called four or five different rental agencies. shows that 36 hours notice was too little. Very few of them had cars available, and if they did, it was luxury cars that i could afford for one night, let alone the two i needed it for. After 6 agonizing hours of trying, i decided i would call one more before giving up and missing the game.

I caught Alamo right before they were closing and they were still able to set me up with a Pontiac G5. While it wasn't their cheapest car, it was about half what the other agencies wanted and with about 30 hours notice... The price was right!

I woke up and went straight to their pickup location to pick up my car. It was hassle free. I paid and showed them my ID and they took me right to my white beauty. They handed me the keys, went over the "Rules" (pretty much what happens if i wreck it. Ha!) and off i went.

After the Game, and oh my, what a game, i drove it back (No tickets!) and returned it to Alamo. Also Hassle free. Gave them my keys, signed it back over and left.

Im not sure what i would have done if i had missed this game. I would have felt like a bandwagon fan. Thanks to Alamo and how easy and quick they were able to hook me up, i dont have to deal with the Gator Blues because it all worked out. Thank you Alamo. Thank you alot.


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