Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birmingham, Alabama 09'

A rather large Alabama Red FishWell it was that time of the year again, what time you ask? Time to take another random road trip to a state I know nothing about! This time of year has always been a favorite. I chose to go to one of the states where I’ve been to countless times yet haven’t stayed in longer than a week, the good old “Yellowhammer” state seemed to be the best bet. Now renting a car to Alabama was no problem at all, then again it usually never is when renting from the Budget Car Rental in the Orlando International Airport since I’m a member of the Fastbreak® program where I was able to bypass the line and walk directly to the rental car I wanted. Usually when I go on these aimless road trips I rent a sports car however during my last experience I got a speeding ticket and to fight temptation I just went with a luxury car this time. The car that really caught my eye from the get-go was the Cadillac STS, and that was the car I was riding in for the next 6 days. Unlike many other of my road trips I just went straight from point A to point B so I can soak up as much time in Alabama as I could. I wanted to relax most of the time and there is nothing more relaxing to me than just sitting on a boat and catching fish. I went on a few guided fishing tours my first one was A-Team Fishing Adventures where I everyone on the boat was after two main fish, the speckled trout and a red. Luckily enough I caught both of those fish now they weren’t the biggest in the sea but at least now I have bragging rights! Another thing that I really enjoyed doing was the Alabama Hunting and Fishing trail, this trail was unlike anywhere I’ve ever been in my entire life I’ve never wished I had an Alabama state hunting license so bad in my life-but of course that’s not a normal thing everyday people wish for, however I did have my fishing pole where I took a sit down and cast my line and caught some bass. After my day at the trail I was exhausted I took a A very scenic view of the hunting and fishing trailrest at the hotel and woke up early the next morning to check out some of the local museums and shopping options. I checked out the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame Museum solely because I was told about it by a co-worker who has been to Alabama and would not shut up about it, and to be completely honest everyone at the job might just get an ear full once I return as well! After leaving the museum I decided to pick up some souvenirs for the friends and family. And had to make my way home I got a nice 3 days of rest and an even better 3 days of doing fun activities overall I regret all the times I went to Alabama and didn’t stay for longer, but now I know that the next time I need some rest and relaxation I’ll head over to the good ole’ Yellowhammer state.


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