Monday, November 2, 2009


Toyota Prius
We were getting ready to make a trip to Daytona for a week of camping, and as is our usual tradition for our trips, we decided to rent a car. With the races coming up on this getaway we decided to attend one, so getting a car that would fairy us through the ruff race day traffic would be nice. We wanted to get to and from the track easily. But my blog today isn’t so much about the trip, because when we decided to pick a car we decided to look into the new hybrids, questioning why they were such the rave.

These cars are amazing, and I mean it, we spent hours researching them, and nearly every rental car company has them; National, Alamo, Enterprise, Budget, Avis, Thrifty, Dollar and more. Because it’s the most recommended we rented a Toyota Prius, and wow did this thing have power. It was only four cylinders but that didn’t seem to hold it back. Not only was it a nice feeling and powerful car, the thing got nearly fifty miles to the gallon, that’s ridiculous! We saved more by renting this car than we would have if we took our own.

While we were researching some of the cars we had trouble choosing between the Ford Taurus, Nissan Altima and Toyota Prius. The Hybrid vehicles use both electricity and gas to fuel their way down the road, which means that they charge up what can be called a separate engine and swap off until the electric engine is out of power, and then they go back to gas. With this said these cars only use as much gas as is needed to charge up the electric engine; at least that is the way I understood it. We took this car all the way to Daytona from Central Florida and we used it throughout the entire week. We only filled up the gas tank on the way back before we turned it back in, as is part of the rental-car deal. We saved so much money renting this car that you can expect my next few blogs to include some for of hybrid. These cars are amazing, I dont know why we all dont have them!

Each one puts out only a small amount of toxins, as it is impossible to completely eliminate them. Its enough that if we were all to convert over to hybrids we would stop global warming. I know that sounds funny but when you get as old as me these things arent so trivial anymore. I cant wait to rent another one of these, a different model of course, were already planning our next trip and I assure you, we are taking a hybrid.


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