Monday, November 30, 2009

Skiing in North Carolina

Well, with the holiday season rolling around we decided it might be beneficial to get out of the house and go somewhere… cold? Yes you heard me, despite the fact that were living in Florida to escape the cold we are now yearning for the opportunity to meet it for a few short days. We went over out options for ways to spend our times up north and we came to a few conclusions, some of renting a cabin others of meeting with family. As we talked about these things we pondered over our glory days skiing and came to the conclusion that we wanted to go skiing. Now it’s been a great sum of years and we know were getting into our grand old days but we really wanted to do this, regardless of how stable our legs were.

So we made reservations to go skiing in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. Now it’s a two day drive up that way and we decided we did not want to take a plane ride so we set off to rent a car. We went to Alamo this time, we periodically change who we rent from for no particular reason at all, however we had the interesting question to ask them about what car would work best in the snow covered mountains. Of course, they suggested a Jeep. Now after my recent trip to South Africa I was exited to show my wife the ropes of a Wrangler.

We made our way up there on a Monday morning and we were in North Carolina and traveling over rolling hills through Pine Trees by Wednesday morning. The Jeep was definitely beneficial; we got up the mountain and to our lodges with absolutely no problems at all. We spent the rest of our day in front of a roaring fire with warm cider and just enjoyed the northern weather. The next morning we were at the ski lodge and renting skis. Now it had been a long time since we had skied, so get attuned to the slopes was an entertaining time for onlookers to say the least. However after about an hour of slipping and falling we were happily gliding at a slow speed down the slopes. We didn’t go on any of the more complicated trails but we enjoyed our slow speed that allowed us to stay close together and get a view of the scenery.

We did this for several days, suffice to say that we got pretty used to cruising up and down the mountain trails in a very slow and entertaining fashion. By the end of the week we had skied every slope, taken pictures of every mountain and accomplished every obstacle the courses had to offer. We were never in any particular hurry around the slopes so we just enjoyed the calm and quiet of the mountains and thoroughly enjoyed views and smells.

When we got home a week later we were so happy to have had our time skiing. However we both realized we were sore and that skiing was beginning to become too much for us. But we may make a few ventures up there in the years to come, and we will definitely go back to the Appalachian Mountains.

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