Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vans Vans Vans

Church trips are pretty common in my hectic schedule. From camps to ski trips, and Bike trips to worship sessions. While there are a ton of different problems and issues we have to confront, the one we always hit head on is "How are we gonna get 20 people to said location?". This particular event, was for youth group. we had twenty kids who needed a trip to Jacksonville for a concert series with a program called Aquire The Fire. Our bus agency that we are contracted with was completely booked that weekend. Since i was driving myself, we really only needed a few vans or a bunch of cars. Since i was planning for the cars, we needed about 7. The youth director suggested that we rent some twelve passenger vans for the trip. That was a great idea! We called around, and couldnt find any anywhere. They were all booked for the weekend we needed them. I called Hertz, and their vans were booked, but they suggested a few 7 passenger vans. That was perfect. I was going to drive myself, so the vans seated 21, thats even an extra seat! That was a no brainer, because it actually worked out to be cheaper for us to rent three 7 passenger vans instead of two 12 passenger vans.

While seating arangements can get complicated for a bunch of high schoolers, we were finally able to pack everyone in and start on our 3 hour excursion to Jacksonville. I put three kids in my Civic and the rest followed me in the vans. Now normally, i wouldnt want to cart around kids, but i was so excited about the vans that the trip was a breeze. We put on some music and everyone got along so the trip was tolerable.

The Conference went great, and the kids, for the most part, behaved. We did have an issue with a kid trying to jump down off the balcony at the hotel we stayed at, but other than that, the worst trouble we had were kids who wouldnt go to sleep on time. They treated the vans nicely, and no problems happened.

The trip home was no problem either. Kids behaved fine. Most of them went to sleep as it was late returning on saturday. All-in-All the trip couldn't have been much better. Everything went according to plan, and i can't imagine what would have happened if we have 7 cars to keep track of. The Vans saved us alot of headaches. Hertz did a great job. Returning them was no problem either. Very easy. Im glad Hertz was so helpful, and im definately glad they suggested the vans. They made everything easier.


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