Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long Island New York

The church without snowWe are still in Warwick New York, but we plan to visit some friends from our old church in Patchogue Long Island. So with our Hertz rental car a Chevrolet Cobalt we departed from our family and headed east to the island that used to be our home. It is still snowing really badly up here but the Cobalt is holding out just fine, and when we arrived in Long Island we realized that we didn’t have to warm her up in the morning. What I am trying to say is that as cold as it is I expected twenty minutes of heating the car up before takeoff.

The first thing we did on Long Island is go by our old house; it was interesting to see what the owners had done with it. It used to be a light blue color now it was a deep yellow. Deep yellow wouldn’t have been our first choice however it looked okay on the colonial house. They also removed the full wrap around porch, which was a real, real disappointment. My wife always liked the full wrap around porch it’s just what makes a 100 year old house beautiful.

Our old church is still standing, well still standing under hundreds of pounds of snow. A lot has changed inside however, all the pews have been upholstered and the entire building has been re-carpeted. There really wasn’t anyone there, the janitors and maintenance crew there knew who we were so they let us in. We are going to go to the Wednesday night service tonight, might write about it in my next blog.

We visited the harbor and it is iced over bad. That was fine for us though, I mean we would have enjoyed going on the boat, and I really wanted to go clamming but hey, it is what it is. Were staying at a friends house not far from the center of Patchogue, and we plan to spend the next few days just driving around and meeting our friends again, its going to be a good vacation if the whether allows.


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