Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Osceola County Fair 2010

The Osceola County Fair right before sun setEvery year around the second week of February you can always count on the Osceola County fair to come by, from miles away you can see the bright shining lights on the 125 foot Ferris Wheel. In fact the Fair and Rodeo is such a big deal, everyone in Osceola County has been getting a day off of school for 66 years! This day off is called “Rodeo Day” sometimes when you get out of this small town and tell people you get a day off school for Rodeo Day they wont even believe you! They’ll think you’re making up your childhood or something, but there’s nothing made up about the Rodeo Day it’s probably the most looked forward to day in February for Osceola County. As long as I’ve lived in this county I have been going to the fair and rodeo, this year was no different. No matter how old the rides at the fair are, people will still ride them except for the select few who will always be afraid.

The Silverado that we rented from Hertz in OrlandoThe day started off as just any other Thursday, my buddies Brock and Cesar were at work with me and we decided it would be a good idea to go to the fair, after we got off at about 8 o’ clock we headed straight to there. It wasn’t even a far drive from our office so that was the best part. Since Cesar had to get his girlfriend Brock and I went to a local Burger King and ate as we waited for the two. We finally got a text message from Cesar saying he was on his way so we finished up our food and made our ways into the fair where we met up with our good friends Danielle and Nicole. The first ride we went on was called “The Fireball” which is a huge loop with a train on it, the train swings back and forth and completes the loop, as we waited in line Danielle decided it would be a good idea to chicken out and not ride the ride, but it was okay we really didn’t need her to have fun, at that point no one really cared anyway-it was actually a good thing because we had someone to hold our stuff so it wouldn’t fly out during the ride! I honestly cant even remember the name of the second ride we went on, all I know is it wasn’t as thrilling as the first one, and for the record Brock and I have been on a popular attraction in Fun Spot Kissimmee called “The SkyCoaster” which is a 330 foot swing, we’ve done that about 5 times each and it has seemed to mentally scar us because we are no longer afraid of any rides, but that doesn’t stop us from having a good time though. One of the rides that people seem to hate is the Starship 2000 which can be described as a gravity defying spinning mechanism or the vomit machine. Luckily no one threw up this time around but that ride is infamous for that. Another ride that’s infamous at the fair is the “Zipper” you are put into a cage and flipped around as you go up and down, usually you are only supposed to sit 2 people in there and it was originally going to be Nicole and I but since Danielle “The Wuss” decided it was a good idea to not ride it, we crammed Brock in so he could join in on the fun.

A Cowboy doing what he does best, riding a bull at the rodeoThe last ride we decided to go on was the Ferris Wheel, which is not really a ride it’s actually just a big spinning wheel but you can’t go to the fair without going on it! I got yelled at a few times for trying to stand up on it so that made the experience not so fun after all but its okay I feel like it was worth it. It was getting late and we decided it was time to leave and get a good night’s rest so we could come back on Friday and watch the Rodeo.

The pig that failed at winningI woke up on Friday to the vibrating of my phone, over and over again. It turns out that my buddy who was entering his prized pig into the fair was having a hard time because his truck broke down and he had no way of getting his pig to the fair. There was no way I could fit it in my 2-Seater so I decided to do him a favor and rent a truck so we could tow the animal in a trailer. We rushed down to the Orlando International Airport and rented a Chevy Silverado from Hertz and drove back and attached the trailer with the pig and rushed off to the Rodeo, After all of that hard work he didn’t even get a prize for his pig but that’s okay because there’s always next year. Overall we had a great time at this hometown event and I plan on going as long as I’m anywhere near the Osceola County area!


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