Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pre-Spring Break Vacation

So its almost time for Sring Break season to start; Since we are not too big on crowds, we decided to head out before the whole world rushes to Florida's beautiful beaches. I've been wanting to try Panama City for a long time, however due to the low temperatures we decided to head to south Florida. South Florida has stayed amazingly warm during these cold weeks that we've had in the Central Florida area. So why not South Florida to warm up and hit the beach? We have Ft. Lauderdale which is such a beatiful area with and so rich with history. This is perfect weather to head south. The temperature in the Ft. Lauderdale area will stay in the mid to low 70's during our trip, so it will be perfect to spend a nice day at the beach. We can bring out the shorts and t-shirts again, leave the jackets at home. We might bring a windbreaker jacket just in case it gets a bit windy during the night time walks on the beach.

There is however no better feeling than sitting at the balcony with some Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra in the background while you cuddle under the moonlight and watch the beatiful waves with the nice ocean breeze. Talk about a perfect post-valentines day adventure. This trip is sure to keep that fire alive between your partner and you. If the kids decide to come along, remember there are plenty of kid friendly activities around the area. Some of the hotels in the area have video game rentals available. So you could always keep the valcony door open and enjoy a night of "Rock Band" with the family. Dad's are normally best with guitars or drums lol.

Once we arrived to our hotel, we immediately drop off our bags, kicked off the shoes headed down for the beach. The water was actually warm, so we decided to stay at the beach for a while. The wife decided to stay at the beach and tan while I headed back into the room to get the a few drinks and our Ipod's. Relaxing by the beach is an unique feeling, it's so relaxing that you could sleep for days. We had dinner reservations for later that night so we stayed away from the alcoholic drinks down by the beach. Ft. Lauderdale has many nice restaurants and the majority have a very nice wine selection. About half an hour later we felt was enough tanning, we went to the pool for a bit, they had a basketball hoop right by the pool. We met a another couple by the pool and started a pool basketball game with them, after about fifteen minutes of play we came up a few points short of swimming away with a win. It was a lot of fun, during the game we found out that the couple was there on their honeymoon. They were from Colorado and had met in Ft. Lauderdale during a school trip a few years back, John(the husband) was down with his friends for an early start for spring break and Lisa(the wife) was there with the school trip, they met by the pool at the same hotel and 3yrs later they felt it would be romantic to have their honeymoon where they shared their first kiss.
This area is so wonderful, full of nice and friendly people. The tourists are all so excited to have a good time, everyone is just in a very pleasant mood the entire time. The wife and I ended up not going out for dinner, instead we had take out from one of the local restaurants and came back to enjoy it in our valcony with the beatiful moonlight and some scented candles(her idea). The remaining days of the vacation we spent down by the beach enjoying our youth.


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