Thursday, February 18, 2010

UFO Sightings in London, England 2010

The London Gatwick Airport was awful crowded that dayI used to have a friend that always used to say “out of this world” when describing something, but nothing was ever really “out of this world” so I’ve never had the opportunity to use it, until recently of course. We have been planning a trip to London, England as far back as I can remember yet I have never been able to convince my friends to go until this past week. We all took a trip to the United Kingdom just for fun. Unlike many of our other trips we decided it would benefit us more to fly there, instead of driving. Flying has its perks especially when flying somewhere far like London. For one, it would take forever to drive there if the car was an amphibious vehicle, but it wasn’t so a plane would just have to get the job done and we would just have to rent a car when we landed. We wanted to start as early as possible in the morning so we weren’t wasting time in the air because it is a long flight from Orlando Florida The Jaguar X Type we rented was pretty coolto London England. For about 10 hours we would have to be sitting for a pretty long time before we landed. But that was no problem I figured it would all be worth it when we got to the airport because we would just be able to rent a car and then drive on to wherever we wanted to go. Usually on flights I can’t help but fall asleep, this time it was a lot different, I couldn’t sleep until we were about 4 hours in. I was too busy reading this weird magazine and UFO sightings in London and it just captured my attention to the point where I could not divert it for anything! Not even the stewardess trying to give me a drink! After I got done with my reading I quickly began to doze off and had one of the worst nightmares of my entire life! We finally landed and I was feeling refreshed from my short nap, we quickly hurried to the baggage claim and went to go see a man about renting a car. The first rental car place that we saw was a Thrifty Car Rental; the car that caught our eye was a Jaguar X-Type from their Premium Line. Without questions we just went with that car because we figured if we’re going to be riding in London we’re going to be riding in style. Our hotel was not too far from our airport so as soon as we landed we dropped our bags off and went off to see what London had to offer, the first place we stopped was a coffee shop so we could energize ourselves before we went on some more adventures. At first we were wondering why everyone seemed to be talking to each other but we could not understand them clearly until one man invited us into the conversation, we then found out about the United Kingdom actually letting out files about UFO’s we were surprised because back home in Orlando almost no one believes in aliens yet over here everyone can vouch that they’ve seen one, it had already been late in the afternoon so we were getting ready to leave and as we were leaving we looked into the sky and saw a large flying disk! At first I thought I was just seeing things because there was no noise associated with this disk so it was just odd to see something so big just float An artist's rendering of the UFO I saw with my own eyesacross the air with no sound, and when it was floating it was going at the fastest rate I’ve ever seen anything move! It was a crazy sight and I wish I was handy enough to carry a camera at all times so I could have snapped a quick shot, but it was okay at least I got to see it with my own eyes even though no one will ever believe me. We have a few more days in London and I’m beginning to love it already!


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