Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vancouver, Canada

Bobsled TeamSo we are still in Vancouver Canada and we got the opportunity to see a few more of the games, we even got moved closer to the city because our old hotel kinda kicked us out. Apparently they gave us a room that that was supposed to be occupied two days later, when they realized we were in the room they moved us t a Marriot hotel that’s twenty minutes closer to the big games, now it’s only an hour and a half to get there. We didn’t realize it till yesterday but the roads aren’t really clogged up. When we went to the Daytona races you couldn’t move twenty feet in ten minutes, here everything is moving pretty smoothly. There are long walks to the events but it really isn’t that bad.

We went to Granville Island yesterday; you take a ferry over the water to this small island just outside the harbor. It’s a winter wonderland on the water, all these miniature houses covered in snow that you could walk in, and then have your wife clean your wallet out. Yea all these little houses decorated in Christmas lights (I guess all year round?) were filled with restaurants and souvenirs, the perfect solution for a day filled with me toting bags while she laid hands on everything overpriced. I began to wonder if they raised prices since the Olympics came around or if it’s like this all year round.

Anyhow we saw some women’s speed skating events and Ill tell you what they can fly. Watching them on television you can’t really see how fast they are going. When they fly by you in the seats and you can feel the wind on your face you quickly realize that their speed is crazy! We also got to see some bobsleigh racing, my wife took a ton of pictures, but the bobsled always turns up blurry. I didn’t realize that these guys and girls are going faster than some cars are even capable of. We got to meet a few of the Olympic participants in the crowd, although once again they just shook our hands, I don’t know if that means they cant speak English or are purposely avoiding drawing a crowd.

We are gonna hang out here for a few more days, the games are starting to get exiting as the days are winding down, and if I can keep my wife off that blasted island we might have enough money to get home in this Ford Focus were still renting; its nice on the icy roads.


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