Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Looking At Ferrari Roller Coaster 2010

Going to a different part of the world to see a roller coaster can be considered an oddity, especially when you live in Central Florida! But since my brother in law is a roller coaster designer we had to make a trip to one of the most unexpected places in the world for the mew roller coaster! Now I’m always a fan for speed, it doesn’t matter if I’m in a car, boat, plane or on my bare feet. If it’s moving I want it to go faster! That was probably the key deciding factor in my decision to go to all the way to the United Arab Emirates to see Ferrari’s new ride that is said to be one of the fastest rides in history. Of course we weren’t going to be able to drive a car all the way over there so we had to get a flight. I’ve never been on a flight to that area of the world so I was unsure how long then flight was before I bought the tickets so I went and checked online, the flight time was about 15 hours and that was something I was not prepared for at all! I’ve sat in cars for that long but I’ve never been in a plane that long, but for the most part I didn’t really mind because I know exactly how it would go.

I would board the plane, then the plane would take off and I would fall asleep no matter what, even if I got a full nights rest the day before. Of course we weren’t getting around by walking so we needed to set up a car rental, we decided to do that online because there was a huge language barrier and it would make it harder than it really was to rent a car. We found a great deal renting through Budget so without hesitation we booked right then and there; we just had to make sure that it was ready for us whenever we landed. Now the flight went just as planned, I went in, fell asleep and woke up in time to watch the plane land. As we landed I quickly got everything ready so all we had to was go to the nearest Budget location and rent the car. We rented out a Hummer H3 so we could have a lot of room for all the building materials and plans he would have to pick up when he went to his meeting. The ride was nowhere near done but I wanted to ride it more than I wanted anything else! The designs were flawless and I could not wait to hear people start talking about it because I could only imagine the top speed! After reviewing the plans and finally getting done with just looking at blueprints it was time to really sit down and talk about this, I found out more about that ride just then than I did reading about it online!

It’s supposed to go up to 125MPH when ready which is a little faster than another ride in the park. Overall it was a great trip the time we spent flying and going was probably the most painful but I didn’t mind because I’m going to have to do it again one day when that ride opens up so I could actually feel what its like to go 125MPH in open air unless of course I decide to buy a Ferrari Convertible sometime in the near future, which is highly unlikely by the way. On the way back I got to thinking about the rides in Dubai compared to these in Orlando, I was excited when Universal Studios came out with their new Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It because it went at a whopping 65 miles per hour but now that I think about it that’s nothing compared to the new coaster in Dubai which goes almost twice as fast! I can honestly say when they build a ride like this in Orlando I would be among the first people in line for this attraction and not being able to wait for my turn. If anyone is ever in the Dubai area I highly recommend going to the Ferrari build site even though its not done yet it’s a very interesting build site to look at, even though I don’t expect them to put any inversions in the coaster just the fact that it goes over 100 miles per hour is enough to win me over.


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