Thursday, March 25, 2010

Talkeetna, Alaska and Denali State Park

Denali State ParkMy wife and I were still in New York deciding if we wanted to head all the way home or just start our next vacation from here when we overheard a couple talking about their trip to Alaska. We kind of ease dropped and caught the words “Talkeetna” and the “Denali State Park.” When we got back to our families house where we were staying we broke out the laptop and started to Google some of the information. Suffice to say in just a few short days we were on an airplane headed for Alaska. We made reservations to stay in Talkeetna which is a small town just under the beautiful state park.

Unlike the rest of the U.S. Alaska isn’t constantly being industrialized, and the state parks up here are massive. We paid for a guide to take us out the first two days and show us the ropes, and the snow up here is just receding enough for the green to break through. We rented a Chevy Silverado from Enterprise; we figured the big truck would be perfect for the roads up here. When we got to the park we met with our guide and he gave us the grand tour of the lodge and a quick safety class. All in all we were out on the countryside in just a short period of time. The first day we covered nearly seven miles of flat terrain, the beautiful mountains on each side. My wife couldn’t help but stop and take pictures every couple of minutes. We saw a few deer but they were far off in the distance.

We are on our third day touring the park; basically we just start off at the lodge each morning and walk as far in one direction as we can until lunch time. At that point we have a meal under the clear sky and beautiful mountains and then begin our way back to the lodge. We saw a few bear, they got pretty close, the guide just simply kept walking, but my wife stopped him so we could take pictures. The countryside we walked was surprisingly flat, but the mountains are beyond words.

If you ever get the opportunity to head to Alaska and tour the State Parks then do it! The guide said they are pretty much all the same, so I suggest finding your way to one immediately, because it was just that great. We will definitely come back here at some point, we still have another day here but we are definitely enjoying it.


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