Friday, March 26, 2010

Talkeetna Alaska Fishing Trip

Christiansen LakeWe have been in Alaska for the past week and we have ventured as much as the Denali State Park as we could handle. Our legs were beginning to give way during the days walks and I am just getting to old to do this kind of stuff. We still have our Chevy Silverado from Enterprise and we had to learn quickly how to drive up here, but the views are fantastic. Now if you have read any of my other blogs you know how much I love to fish, and I mean I really love to fish. Anyhow my wife never booked a flight home; we decided we would leave when we got a flight. So when I asked the park ranger at Denali about the fishing here his eyes lit up and he gave me a phone number back at the lodge for a charter boat we could take.

The lake is called Christiansen Lake, it really isn’t that massive but the lake is gorgeous. Especially since the trees are just coming back green and the ice is receding around the edges of the lake. When we arrived we chartered a boat, it came as a real surprise to us when we saw how inexpensive it was. We always figured the people up here probably get very few visitors, but apparently that isn’t the case. We went out on the lake in a large pontoon boat; they took us from cove to cove where we fished for Salmon. We caught a bunch of them near where the melting snow was running off the mountains.

The best part about the whole fishing experience were the beautiful views, and as you may have guess my wife was taking pictures the entire time. The lakes were crystal clear you could see straight to the bottom in ten feet of water. We caught four trout, and three salmon, the guide said that was a small amount for a normal fishing trip. Thankfully they let us use their rods and reels, because I had nothing. If you remember we came to Alaska straight from New York so we were practically empty when it came to travel gear. We plan to head back to Florida tomorrow, going straight from the cold to the warm. If I ever head back up here I will definitely go fishing again I really enjoyed myself.


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