Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Val Gardena Italy

Val Gardena ItalyWe have been considering this trip for over a year. As you know we usually stick to the states, however we have been getting a little ambitious about going out of the country. We were looking fro exactly what we wanted to do while we were in Italy. Now we had been there before and seen all the sites, all the capital buildings and the beautiful canals and we kind of just wanted to explore the outer regions of the country. My wife had talked about the more rural areas, the farm lands and such. So when we landed we rented a Ford Mondeo Chia and booked it out of the city to the countryside.

We headed for Val Gardena a large formation of mountains, and around this time of year rumored to be more beautiful than anything you have ever seen before. Apparently the heat is just starting to melt the snow off the slopes and the bright green of the trees are just peaking through the deep snow. The entire way up to the mountains you could see the Val Gardena looming in the distance, the beautiful mountains surround you on all sides when you get to the basin. Now the closest you can get to the mountain is the ski lodge, at least in terms of places to stay. Suffice to say we actually stayed at the ski lodge and the rooms were surprisingly very luxurious.

The Val Gardena is located in the valley known as the Dolomites and basically the entire area is dedicated to skiing and snowboarding throughout the winter. However with the snow melting most of the skiers and snowboarders were begging to leave. However, a lot of them continued to ski the slopes in the morning before the snow became very wet. I really can’t describe to you how beautiful the area was, we kept going on nature trail after nature trail all day long. The staff at the lodge continuously supplied us with interesting places to eat and fun little restaurants to dine in.

All in all the Val Gardena in Italy is a must for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. We couldn’t have been more relaxed than our time in Northern Italy. If you get the chance to head up there I recommend enjoying sometime in the Dolomites valley its definitely worth it.


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