Friday, April 30, 2010

Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham Alabama

So we were invited by some old time friends to come up to Birmingham Alabama for a week and stay in their guest house. So in a matter of no time we had a Chevrolet Impala and we were speeding our way down the highway. We actually spent a lot of time researching the area this time, because we wanted to see all the attractions we could find. It really took no time at all to realize that Birmingham was chock full of fun stuff to do.

When we first arrived we spent an entire day with our friends, just relaxing and talking. They live on a lake which was fantastic; we ended up sitting out on the dock for hours. However I would be lying if I said I wasn’t more exited about visiting some of the local attractions. We had read that the Birmingham Zoo was an absolute must if you were visiting the area. They have over 800 animals, and something you don’t see at every zoo, an Albino tiger. We spent almost the entire next day exploring the zoo, and it was really fun, even if we aren’t kids anymore!

The next day we visited the McWane Science Center, a really cool museum that showcases… well, everything science. There are several stories of exhibits, each with their own unique interactive entertainment centers. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I really enjoyed the place, it really is a playground for adults. They even had a massive aquarium in the building! Mcwane Science Center is something I really hope to get to do again if we ever visit.

Our friends took us to “The Peanut Depot” the last day we were there. The small place is a really unique experience that supposedly can be found no where else in the United States. At The Peanut Depot you can get a huge variety of peanuts, roasted, toasted, baked, boiled and just about whatever you can think; it was great tasting them all. They roast them in old fashioned and authentic grills and boilers, and they have been doing it for 100 years!

We really like Birmingham Alabama; if they ever invite us back we will do it in a heartbeat. We had a really fun time, and we didn’t even get to see all the stuff that is in the area!


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