Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Calistoga Ranch

Calistoga RanchWe recently got an email from some friends telling us about their vacation to California. They went on and on about how romantic and luxurious it was and alls we could do was raise an eye brow. However, when we emailed them back they said that the reason it was so great was because they stayed at Calistoga Ranch, a beautiful resort in the mountains. When we went to their website we were dumbfounded by how beautiful it looked. So we checked to see if we could afford about three days up there and guess what? We could; so in a matter of no time we were on a plane speeding for California.

When we landed in California we went to the nearest Hertz and rented a vehicle. Now since we were living in luxury we had to get a luxurious car, so we rented a Chevy Camaro, and wow did that thing turn heads. We got a sleek black cover, and I loved the thing, although the space for all our stuff was pretty limited. We road to Napa Valley where the Calistoga Ranch was located, the scenery was just gorgeous, I mean rolling planes and huge mountains in every direction. The sun was beaming down making the perfect photo opportunities everywhere we went.

When we got to the Calistoga Ranch my jaw just about dropped out of our Camaro. We kept reading in their guide that their 157 acre ranch was “Majestic,” and wow… they were beyond right. I mean every single place we went on these hills looked like it was a postcard photo. We kept just throwing on our sandals and walking for hours. The pool was gorgeous, overlooking the meadow below with the mountains on all sides. The service was great and we just kicked back and relaxed.

Our rooms were beautiful, everything was a rich red wood and tropical plants. The place was clean, fresh and full of fresh fruits. We enjoyed the large porches that overlooked the trees around the ranch. We will definitely be coming back to Calistoga Ranch, this is the mother of all resorts.


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