Monday, April 12, 2010

Florida Keys

The Florida KeysWe recently went down to the Florida Everglades and took a tour on a chartered boat. The tour guide kept telling us and the other family onboard about the Florida Keys and how great they were. We asked him before we left what you exactly do when you visit the Florida Keys and just what us first timers would enjoy while we were there. He said that after driving a hundred and twenty five miles onto the Island and getting a place at Key West we should charter a boat. So off we went planning our next trip to Key West on the southern most land in Florida.

We decided if we were driving all the way down south to the bottom of Florida and then driving another hundred and twenty five miles across a bridge we would rent a vehicle, as is our usual tradition. We rented a Nissan Versa from the Alamo near our house, and we really, really liked it. It had a lot of room and the back seats folded down so we could fit all our stuff. We decided we would go down there for three days, the first day and last day we would spend on the beach and the second day we would charter a boat.

When we got on the bridge leading into Key West my wife was all over her camera taking pictures of islands we passed and the crystal clear water you could see in all directions. The Island where Key West is really large and when we stayed at our hotel we asked if there was any small attractions in the area. The desk clerk pointed us to the “Little White House” a large home from the late 1800s that has seen its fair share of history. Apparently the house was naval headquarters for just about every war our nation has seen, and was used as base camp for our negotiations during the Cold War. It was also home to several presidents during the winter, so all in all, this place has its memories.

The second day we went to meet our charter guides, and wow was the whole deal a fun experience. We road around the Florida Keys, I mean we went from uninhabited island to uninhabited island. We saw manatee, dolphin and an abundance of fish everywhere we went. Our guide knew just where to go to find the sea turtles and just where to go to find the nicest islands. They fed us right on the boat under the beautiful Florida sun, I mean it was fantastic something we would definitely do again.

The beaches down here were small but great, the water was crystal clear and the palm trees shadowed just about everything. All in all the chartered boat was the best, and we will definitely come back in the future just for that experience again.


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