Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maui Hawaii

Maui HawaiiWe got invited on vacation with some old friends recently so we told them “Wherever and whenever.” Well they choose “wherever” and asked us when, so we set the date and they said we were going to Maui Hawaii. They showed us the fantastic resort we would be staying in and the paradise that would be just outside our backdoor. Of course our wives were all exited about shopping and the complimentary massages that we would all get when we got there. Of course I had other plans knowing about the Haleakala National Park located right next to our resort, oh yea, ocean views from the mountains.

We flew in and rented a car from Hertz, would you believe they have a rental car company all the way in Hawaii? We rented a Toyota Rav 4 because we needed to fit all our luggage and our friends. When we got to our resort it was just jaw dropping. I mean every inch of this place looked like an oasis paradise. We set about check out local attractions immediately. The coolest part was the fact that all the walls in our resort were made of bamboo, at least overlaid in bamboo, it gave it a really neat feel.

The next day we went snorkeling on the reef. The waters were crystal clear and we even saw a shark. I though swimming with a shark would be a nerve racking experience but it really wasn’t that scary. We saw an abundance of sting rays and whenever a school of fish came through you would just be flooded with colorful waves of shiny reflections. We really enjoyed the reef, probably the most out of our whole trip. However, I later realized how much I also enjoyed the massages on the beach we got every night, I slept like a baby every night.

We visited Haleakala National Park the next day; we took the mini van and just started driving our way to the top. Unlike other national parks this is one has dirt roads running all the way through it. We got some really good pictures of the other islands from the top of the mountains, and the pictures of coral reefs from that high up are really interesting. The islands look huge when you can see them from up there; I was really surprised at their enormity.

We plan to stay here for another few days, we really are enjoying it. I want to get back out there on the reef. This is just luxury at its finest, I’m already planning attractions to visit next time we visit because I just cant get enough of the exotic foods they have here!


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