Wednesday, April 14, 2010

South Padre Island, Texas 2010

The sign outside of the beachSince its getting a lot nicer out these days we decided that it would be a great idea to go to some of the beaches around the United States. After a quick search online we found out that the nicest beach in the United States is one of the most unlikely places that you would expect a beach to be, that’s why when I told all of my friends in Texas that I was going to Texas to go to a beach they all looked at me like I was a complete idiot. For some reason, we instinctively think that Texas is nothing but dessert and sand but from the pictures I’ve seen online there was a whole bunch of blue waves and white sand, definitely not something I would expect in Texas. I’ve drove to Texas plenty of times and I’ve never really had the opportunity to stop and roam around the state and see all that it had to offer. So now was our chance to take a tour around a state that we’ve always overlooked, the first thing we wanted to do was camp out on the beach but after looking at local laws online for hours on end we could not figure out if it was illegal or not and not wanting to take any chances we just reserved a nearby hotel room so it would be a lot easier to not go to jail on our trip.

The nice blue water at the beachNow that we realized we wouldn’t need any of our camping gear for this trip we came to a conclusion that we wouldn’t need to rent a large SUV, in fact if no one complained about not having much leg room we could probably just get a away with renting a sedan. Not only would that eliminated all the extra space we wouldn’t be using, it would save us a bunch of gas money as well! Before we knew it we were on our way to the Orlando International Airport to rent a car. We decided we wanted to go with Hertz which is almost impossible to miss at the airport because you can see a line of gigantic yellow busses lined up along the outside of the location. Since my information was already on file because I’m a Gold member it only took about 10 minutes to rent my car and leave! And before we knew it we were on our way to the big Texas. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to stop in Jacksonville because it was very out of our way but I have found a great love for the city of Pensacola we actually spent the night there because after 8 hours of driving we were just exhausted and could not move further anymore.

The sunset we saw at the end of the dayOnce we got up the next morning we zoomed through Alabama faster than you could have ever expected, usually that would be the state I like to stop and roam around because the food is great and so is the over all feel of everything. The next thing I knew I fell asleep and we were in the great state of Texas and only about 20 minutes away from the beach. Once I got to the beach the only thing I wanted to do was sit down and relax the weather was beautiful there was almost not one cloud in the sky and it almost felt like I took a tropical trip to Mexico instead of going to Texas, of course we were already close enough. I didn’t even want to leave once we got there so everyone went and checked into the hotel and I just relaxed on the hot sand about an hour later I woke up to a cold saltwater sensation to my face, my friends splashed a bottle of saltwater in my face to wake me up and usually when I wake up I move pretty slow but this time I hopped up like a ninja and ran into the water and we had a splashing fun time, once we got done and the sun went down I went into the hotel and fell asleep in a few days we’re headed back home but I honestly don’t want to leave!


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