Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiger Woods Golfing 2010

Agusta Golf Course before the golfers got on itI’ve never really been a big fan of golf but now that there is actually something interesting to watch I decided it would be a great idea to go check out the Masters Tournament. Of course I’ve been thinking about this for a while now because it would be almost impossible to find tickets for this event the day of, so it was a good thing I pre-ordered tickets months in advance with intent to sell them for a highly marked up price not knowing that I would later become interested in golf. One of the main reasons I decided to go to this tournament is because it was just a state away which is only a short drive so why not! We definitely wanted to rent a car before we went out there because I needed something with better gas mileage and none of my buddies wanted to put the miles on their cars. We went on down to the Budget at Orlando International Airport and rented us a nice Ford Taurus, This was one of the best cars that I’ve ever rented and unless I need otherwise this is usually the only car I would rent because it is very comfortable and it had a bunch of space for whatever you have to bring along. After we got back to my house from the car rental place we started backing our bags to head up to Georgia, once we got done we were on our ways faster than you can imagine of course we weren’t in a major rush we were about 20 hours a head of time but that means nothing to 3 guys in a car on an open highway. What we did do to kill some time was stopping to eat more than we ever have on any other road trip. Anyways we still enjoyed stopping as much as we did and trying out all the restaurants on the way up north because we always tend to just drive all the way up to Jacksonville and eat at the same places but now that we know a lot more about the restaurants further north of Orlando we can finally stop around a new selection Th Ford Taurus we rentedof places which was a good thing because we all began to get tired of stopping at the same restaurants but don’t get me wrong, all of those family owned businesses that know us by first name are still great restaurants! After filling my stomach to the top I fell right asleep and the next thing I knew we were pulling into our hotel parking lot. After that I began to check in and we went up to our room to start changing for the event. Everyone was more interested in seeing Tiger Woods perform rather than the actual tournament itself and since he was going to be there we already know there would be a bunch of cameras so we had to freshen up and look good for them, the tournament was great and we look forward to seeing Tiger Woods perform his very best as well. Overall we drove a long way and hope there isn’t much to see that would make us disappointed or regret the fact that we drove all the way to Georgia to watch this event.


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