Saturday, April 10, 2010

UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi

A poster of the fight in actionId like to consider myself a pretty big fan of UFC, and I was pretty excited a few months ago when I was able to purchase some of the tickets for this event. It was probably one of the fastest purchases that I ever made, literally there was no hesitation what so ever. I was imagining that it would be in Las Vegas like every other UFC event but in this case it was in Abu Dhabi which is such a random place. Either case it is a very impressive fight card and it was not something that I wanted to miss out on and just watch on TV so I decided I would round up some friends and we would all make another trip to Abu Dhabi. I went earlier this year with my brother in law who is helping build a roller coaster in the new Ferrari Land. Unfortunately we were not able to drive this very long distance but that’s okay because I couldn’t even imagine how long that would take, we had to fly over there which wasn’t such a bad thing because I needed to catch up on some much needed sleep anyway. We went to my house to get everything ready for the trip ahead of us which really didn’t take long it was pretty much toothpaste and clothes which was easy to get organized. Once we got everything we just made our way down to the airport, we stopped at a local park and fly and did just that. It was a lot cheaper then airport parking and they provided free shuttle service to the airport too so there was no losing in that situation! We went on into our gate and we could not wait to board we were so excited to be some of the only people that went all the way to Abu Dhabi just to watch the fight, word around the internet was that it was an outdoor octagon which would definitely be an interesting feat but there was only one way to figure out and that was to go there and see for ourselves. Before we knew it we were on the plane and I fell right asleep when we landed we quickly rushed out to the nearest rental car location we could find. Of course it was the same Budget that I rented from last time I came here. I rented a 2010 Ford Taurus and we drove over to our hotel. We weren’t aware that our hotel was such a far distance from Ferrari Land but that was okay it was well worth the drive because we were in such a nice area that we didn’t mind just looking around as we were driving. Once we got to the stadium it was game on, some of the guys were drooling over the event girls and everyone was pumped to watch these athletes do as they do best. Overall it was a great fight I was impressed by the results a lot. It was amazing to see two champion fights as well and since I don’t want to spoil it for those of you reading at home I wont mention any winning names just check the fight out you wont be disappointed!


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