Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oak Ridge Shooting Range

Niagara FallsThere's never really a great amount of time when I have a lot of spare time just sitting around, however yesterday was a different story. I pretty much had the entire day with absolutely nothing to do so I did the only thing any guy would ever want to do, go to the gun range! I own a bunch of rifles and there was no way they could all fit in my car, and the friend I was going with had an even smaller car so there was no hope, the only people we knew with bigger cars were busy and were not able to come so it was a pretty tough situation to get out of. We figured if we wanted to use all of our rifles then we would have to find a bigger car somehow so we looked online to see if we could get a great deal on a rental car, and sure enough we did so we rented a 2010 Ford F-150 from the Hertz at Orlando International Airport and drove a few miles over to the closest shooting range. Once we got to the shooting range we were like little kids in a playground unloading all of our rifles and making our way into the range.

Me shooting my digital camo Ruger 10/22We had to pick out our targets and that was probably the most fun of the entire trip mainly because there were pretty funny like the Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie target and the guy that looked like he was trying to mug us target. We first used my Ruger 10/22 and we were just blasting away for fun the only thing that we didn’t like about this range is that they did not allow rapid fire, but then again no range really does and when you factor in the safety involved its almost necessary for them to have that rule. After we got warmed up on some of the funnier targets we had a little competition to see who could shoot the best at a more serious target. After going round for round on these targets we defnitly started to get tired, plus all of the safety equipment was getting really annoying and the ear protection started to get pretty painful for some odd reason, but you couldn’t expect us to go through 550 rounds of ammo in a day alone because shooting things can only be so fun.

After we got done shooting our rifles we made some friends with some guys that were in there using their handguns and of we switched off for a little (under supervision of course) and it was such a great experience there is a lot of benefits involved in just being a nice guy sometimes! After our arms were sore and we felt like we couldn’t move anymore, we felt like it was time to head home. After we left the range we went to go eat at a local Chic-fil-a so we can refuel ourselves, for some reason shooting targets always makes me hungry so we ate and had just enough time to get back to the airport to drop the truck off so we didn’t have to pay for an extra day, I must admit it is a pretty nice thing to rent a truck for just one day, we got everything done and over with and we didn’t have to inconvenient ourselves at all, the best part is that it didn’t even cost us much, in fact it was probably cheaper than filling up my tank of gas! It was a great trip and I actually plan on going back sometime in the near future, like next week or something. If you are ever in the Orlando area and looking to have a lot of fun without spending a lot of money make sure you pay a visit to the Oak Ridge Gun Range its not expensive at all and for the experience you get its well worth it. Not to mention everything you’ll learn from those around you!