Monday, July 02, 2010

Fishing Trip in Fairbanks Alaska

The Northern Lights over Fairbanks! Now many of you know I am a huge, huge fan of fishing, so even the slightest mention of a fishing trip makes my ears perk up. I was recently browsing through some photos on the internet of fish when I came across the massive catch that some men had gotten while fishing in Alaska. So naturally I didn’t some research and convinced my wife that going up north was a great way to get outdoors and she finally consented to go as long as I let her visit a state park while we were there.

So off we flew to Fairbanks Alaska, and wouldn’t you believe it they had an Alamo at the airport there! We rented a Ford Escape and off we went to a great lodge with some fantastic views of the Creamers Field State Park. My wife would be able to wake up every morning and have the option to go meandering around the park or stay in the hotel.

Now I spent my entire week fishing the Fairbanks River with some of the most experienced guides in town. You wouldn’t believer how many fish I caught on the Salcha River; I swear every cast came back fruitful. I have never had such success fishing, it almost wasn’t rewarding after the tenth fish, but it certainly was fun. I don’t understand fish habits but these waters were just teeming with salmon, the king of freshwater fish!

I can’t wait to go back, I really enjoyed my time there and the day we spent in the Creamers Field State reserve was just as awesome as fishing on the river!