Tuesday, July 05, 2010

Hunting in New York

The Adirondacks! My brother up North is a huge fan of hunting; he has a license for just about every kind of animal up there, and he can tell you when they are in season by simple memory. About four years ago when we went up to the Adirondacks we ended up staying at his house for almost a month. While we were there he had me get my hunting license, saying “Next time you come up were gonna get you a dear.” So I think this blog is gonna be a pretty self explanatory story, but entertaining none the less.

We ended up renting another Ford Escape from Avis on Long Island, where our plane landed. My wife wanted to see some of her friends there before we headed up into the Adirondacks. I can’t tell you how nice it is returning to your home state, everything has a surreal feeling about, and you instantly are drawn back to the landscape and colors that were once you’re every day childhood. When we got to their old colonial house we ended up sitting on their wrap around porch all night just talking as the fog rolled into the hills, it was a familiar New York night.

Several days later we ended up getting out of bed in the middle of the night. We loaded up the truck and headed out into the high rolling hills and set up our tree stands high over an old corn field that was waiting to be planted. The deer come out to eat the fresh grass, or weeds that are growing in the recently tilled dirt. So we waited for the sun to come up, not saying a word the entire time. I thought it was too funny that my brother was checking the internet for sports scores the whole time we were waiting. Not ten years ago he would have just sat here quietly, funny how technology slips its way into our lives.

We ended up shooting a large two point buck. Not something to brag about, but I was proud none the less. He let me shoot my bow first, and my arrow barely caught the animal in the lower belly. We followed the trail for almost a mile, where my brother ended up downing the animal with a second arrow.

I really enjoyed hunting, but my brother is far better at it than I am. We spent a lot of time practicing with the bows before going hunting, and I really think with more practice I could make a decent shot next time. I miss the good old days when these colonial houses were all around the place. When I return to Florida in or Ford Escape I am going to have half a deer worth of venison!