Friday, July 09, 2010

Cabo Wabo With Wocka Flocka

Castillo De San Marcos Me and my homewboys decided we wanted to get loose off the goose and cabo wabo with our long lost friend Wocka Flocka Flame so that’s pretty much exactly what we decided to do. Since we didn’t want to go down to Mexico in a plane since it’s such a short trip we just decided we would just drive that way we would be able to stop wheneer we wanted to so we could eat and do whatever we please whenever we please instead of being in a small uncomfortable seat for the whole entire flight. Well we got off work with ease and since Wocka Flocka has an interesting occupation he really didn’t have to request days off he just had to leave, I wonder what kind of education he had to get to become a “full time hustla’” maybe he received a scholarship or two. One things for sure, he sure does have his money up so him and his goons were able to have a splendid time with my fellow hoodrats and I. Flocka was riding in his super sweet Porsche 911 and as he was speeding down the highway doing cool things with his video vixen in the passenger seat we were keeping up with our rented Ford Mustang GT500, even though he was a lot faster than us we were all ghost status down the highway no coppers could hold us down because we keep it G and they don’t want beef with us hooligans if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Well anyways we stopped once or twice because when you’re moving faster than the speed of sound you need to fill up your gas tank often. One time we stopped in Louisiana and we could not resist this place to eat it had the best sea food that I have ever had in my entire life, or at least I thought so, well I’m not really sure actually me and my boy Wocka Flocka were already in Cabo Wabo even though we were in Lousiana, if you catch my drift. We hit the road and switched cars because that’s what goons do, plus Flocka was loose off the Goose so he wasn’t able to legally drive the vehicle anymore even though we were still able to outrun some coppers. Once we got to the beach in Cabo we were feeling SNLS, which stands Serious Noodle Leg Syndrome and just fell down and soaked up the hot sun and just partied the night away it was a cool trip and my boy Flocka kept it on the real so we just ended up doing goon things like hittin’ licks and what not but that’s what you got to do when your homeboy Gucci is behind bars for doing hoodrat stuff.