Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic On our newest trip we wanted to go somewhere totally unique and different to all of us, we did a little research online and wanted to check out a different part of the world that none of use have ever been to before. Our first place of choice was Prague, Czech Republic. The reasoning behind going to the Czech Republic is that it would be a totally new experience for all of us. Obviously we wouldn’t be able to drive there, seeing that we’re in sunny Orlando, Florida and all but I’ve gained quite a bit of tolerance for flights so it wasn’t as big of a deal as it used to be. However, if it was possibly to make that trip and it wasn’t such a ridiculous distance away I would be more than happy to drive there rather than flying simply because of the freedom you get with driving, its not even close to comparable. Since it’s summer time we thought we would have a hard time finding time off from work but to our surprise we all got off work with ease. Unfortunaltly none of us own a large vehicle so transporting all of our baggage was such a hassle. The first thing that came to mind was getting a van to pick us up and drop us off at the airport and the second thing that came to our mind was to rent a car for a day and drop it off at the airport, surprisingly enough we found out that with some online coupons we were able to rent a car, drive to the airport and drop if off for less than 50% of what it would cost for a van to pick us up and drop us off! If you like your own freedom and don’t want to depend on other people to come at a certain time then I highly recommend doing what I did, not only did it save me a lot of money it was less of a hassle as well. On our way to the airport we stopped and got something to eat as we usually do because no one wants to eat or pay for airport food. Stopping at that restaurant was probably the worst thing we could have done that day because even though we got to eat good food it took FOREVER for it to come and that set us back pretty far and we were pretty close to missing our flight. One good thing about being somewhat late to a flight is that there is absolutely no waiting at all but there is 100% rushing involved and a great risk involved as well but time does fly when you’re moving at that pace. We got on the flight and I fell right asleep I woke up to the pilot saying we were about to land and when I look down all I could see were beautifully designed streets filled with houses with red roofs, it was a great sight and I almost couldn’t believe my eyes at first. We just landed and we are waiting on our baggage to come we look forward to all the fun we will be having in Prague, Czech Republic.