Saturday, July 03, 2010

Doing Hoodrat Stuff in Puerto Rico

 It was like an alarm clock, “Whoop Whoop!” was the sound of the sireeens that we heard that morning we woke up in Puerto Rico. We went on a nice little vacation from Orlando to Puerto Rico and decided to do a lot of partying and a lot of eating some planteens we were feeling nice on the hot sand and we decided since we were ballers without a cause we could hire a helicopter to bring our 1992 Nissan 240sx so we can act like some slidy boys and do hood rat stuff with our friends but we really didn’t have any friends in Puerto rico we just kind of ended up there due to some random mishaps that got us over seas but that’s beside the point all that really matters is we rented a limited edition Chevrolet Corvette from Hertz and we were zoomin’ straight ghost status like no other. Anyways after we made it across the waters in our 2 door evo eu-rope-ah model we crashed right away it was a good thing we all fit into that automobile, actually I was driving and I preceded to crash because my close companions were accompanying me within the confines of the automotive vehicle. But that’s okay we didn’t let a little wreck get to our head because we know that its fun to do bad things and we will continue to do bad things throughout the rest of our hood rat lives and stuff but anywasy so we go to to Puerto rico and some people were smoking wit duh sigguretts and brocks beard caught on fire so we had to instantly put that out because he was actin like his dad. After the firetrucks and there sireeens kept going off brocks beard was finally out so we were able to party with our boys and stuff so we were getting loose off the goose, actually it was a Canadian duck and then we went to a hotel and stayed there but we left and did some more partying and that’s pretty much it