Thursday, July 08, 2010

St. Augustine, Florida

Castillo De San Marcos We decided that we wanted to take our family over to St. Augustine and see the fort. However we needed a vehicle that could support us all, so we headed over to a Thrifty near us and rented a Ford Expedition. Surprisingly it had a lot of space for looking so much like a smaller vehicle, and it suited us well the entire time we had it.

My wife and I came over here for a few days when we first moved here, so we know our way around pretty well. We didn’t plan on staying the night, so we ended up leaving extremely early in the morning and making it here around nine. The first place we took our daughter and her kids were to Fort Castillo, a massive structure made out of stucco on the coast. It was originally occupied by the French but later was it switched hands several times during development of the U.S.

Amazingly the full Castillo De San Marcos is intact; you can walk the entire fort all year around. It is located right on the water, and must stand three stories high, and seems more elevated over the mote. The coolest part about the fort is its history however. You can get guided tours of the fort, however we pretty much just educated our kids instead of spending the money. It would take several pages to explain the history here, so well leave that up to you if you visit.

There is a ton more to do in the St. Augustine area, it’s too bad we couldn’t have stayed for longer. There is one historic site after the other, and a load of history that we still wish we could learn.