Tuesday, Auguast 17, 2010

Taking a trip to Brooklyn

Brooklyn in the night! Ever since my children have started going to school I have made it my business to go to New York before school starts to go clothes shopping for the new school year. I know it seems strange because I know that I can buy school clothes here in Orlando, fl but for some reason the clothes that are sold in New York you just can’t find here where we live. We always fly out to the big apple but this time I thought it would be great to drive out and make it a family road trip. I knew that using the family vehicle would be out of the question so I needed to get a car or a suv through a rental company. I was doing some research on the internet and I found one that was very affordable through Hertz car rental. I figured we would need a lot of space for all the clothes and so my wife and the girls would not feel like they had no space to relax that’s why I choose the Lincoln Navigator.

I knew that this suv would be the most relaxing and easy to handle because my parents just purchased the very same vehicle about 2 months ago and I was able to drive it around for a week while my parents went to the Dominican Republic. It almost feels like your floating on air I mean this suv is very smooth to drive. So it’s time to pack the kids little duffle bag of clothes that would last for a week I didn’t want to pack heavy due to the fact that we would be buying a lot of clothes once we got there and I didn’t want to have the suv to full. My wife and I also packed light because we also had planned on buying a few things for ourselves. You would most definitely be amazed how cheap as far as price goes the clothes are out there, it’s wonderful to know that even if you have a little budget you can still come back with at least three months worth of clothing that’s gonna make you look fly every time you put them on. We started early Friday morning to try and beat the weekend traffic. It takes 16 hours to drive to N.Y. so I figured if we left at 3 in the morning that we would make it to my aunt’s house in Brooklyn around 5 or 6 pm which would give us enough time to shower and relax so we can go shopping bright and early.

The girls were enjoying the road trip because they have never gone to N.Y.C. driving it has always been by plane. Unfortunately we didn’t make any stops other than for gas and to use the bathroom I love to be on time for things so I wanted to stay on schedule and that is why I drove the whole way there. So we made it there exactly around the time I had estimated we would get there and I was so happy because I didn’t want to drive anymore, believe me the ride was very smooth but after so many hours behind the wheel and on the road I was starting to get delirious. Once we made it to Brooklyn it was very easy to find where my aunt lives because all I had to do was input her address in the GPS that the suv already had. To my surprise I didn’t really have to worry about our rental getting stolen because my aunt now lives in an area where she can park in a garage that has 24 hours security and surveillance. I know that might seem like nothing for some folks but if you’ve ever lived in New York you would understand that, at least when I used to live their it would be the every day thing to have your car stolen. But anyway once we Parked the suv their was no need to use it during our stay because as everyone knows you have so many means of transportation in the city and more than likely we would be using the trains to go to and from the different boroughs in New York. It’s was amazing to see all the clothes and footwear that was purchased we even bought really cool looking book bags for the girls and we had also purchased a lot of jewelry for the girls and for ourselves.

My wife thinks I’m weird because I act like this is the first time we’ve came up to N.Y. to go shopping and I have to tell her that as long as my little angels feel happy because of what we get them when we are out here then I will I will always be like this. Are week had already come to an end and we needed to start packing our things to put them in the suv and when we did that the next step was to fill the Navigator up and oh! Boy was the gas freaking expensive thank god we live in Florida because I would not be able to own a car let alone a suv in the city for real no joke! On the way back we were able to relax and make a few stops so that the girls could get a few souvenirs from different states along the east coast and my wife and I took turn driving because I wasn’t about to do that again. We finally make it home and start to unload all the new clothes, sneakers, and shoes and it was amazing how much the girls had they could barely fit all of it in their closets. We made a good decision to pack up the old clothes that didn’t fit them any more and we gave them to the salvation army we figured instead of throwing them away we were sure some one in need would definitely make good use of them. So at the end of it all my girls were happy and I hope another family could be blessed with what we were able to give.