Saturday, August 14, 2010

Set in the Vette

Paparazzi snapping pics at a dude like me

Usually I don’t think I would ever rent a car for juts a night but in the times of need sometimes you gotta do things you don’t wanna do, for example I wrecked my car almost two months ago and have been driving a selection of vehicles ever since but last night was the night of all nights I was trying to look clean for the hunnies so we could get down like bunnies if you catch my drift. Well I had the swagger part on lock because I make the bozos go bonkers when I turn my pretty boy swag all the way up to the max but that’s just a jerky boy thing because we always seem to keep it fresh and G’d up from the feet up, you can always detect a jerky boy b his fresh attire and his flock of friends that roll deep with him. Today there wasn’t much riding deep in fact if we were to name the way we were riding it would be riding shallow because the OJBC (Orignial Jerky Boy Crew) has been out and about doing hoodrat stuff in different parts of the earth, but that’s how guys like us roll so its not a huge deal. So I was riding shallow by myself for a while and figured I needed to scoop me up a honey and take her to the club so we can get buck wilderness up in there, and that’s exactly what I did. At that time I was pushing a miata which is not a good look for a guy like me so I had to do something about it instantly and the frist thing that came to mind was going to a rental car place and renting a fly whip, Now when I say fly I mean fly, bird status so I went right into hertz and dropped a rack on their special edition Corvette ZHZ it was all good in the hood cause poppin rubber bands is what I be doin best and that’s cool with me. So after I blew a grip on the whip I rode out to this shawty’s house and ice creamed her (scooped her up – for those of you that don’t understand my jerky boy slangage) and we rode out to Makos which is a hot spot in downtown Orlando, I pulled up with the top down and it was game over, everyone was focused on me because I was a baller and that made me cool. We went into Makos bought the bar and flossed all night long and went home.