Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blazin' Challenge at B-Dub Part Two

The Hottest of Wings! Now the next one up was Jerry and he was by far the fastest out of the three he ripped through those wings in 4 minutes and 20 seconds this guy was a freaking machine I knew that he would more than likely win the contest. Now for the funniest one of all Cesar Chihuahua Rivas I knew this guy was going to choke because he was watching these guys eating them and I swear I was hearing say to himself “you can do this Rivas come on you can do it” it was so funny but I didn’t want to discourage him from doing the challenge by laughing in his face so I waited till he started to eat. Now you have to understand our boy Cesar eats like a chipmunk he stores all his food in his cheeks but we tried to warn him not to do that because it will burn the walls of his mouth and sure enough good old Chihuahua started to panic after storing 3 wings that were drench in that fire sauce his eyes started to water up and his face started to turn from white to red with in seconds and we were telling him to swallow the meat in his mouth and he could not do it he finally spit it out which instantly disqualified him from the challenge. He only lasted about 1 minute and 20 seconds and you can tell that he was so disappointed because our waitress Heather had told him that she did it a few days prior and she was able to complete the challenge so once he heard that he quickly tried to redeem himself by doing a push up challenge with our waitress you see Chihuahua is also in the army just like our waitress Heather B. so he wanted to show her that he could beat her in a push up challenge. By the way he did win the push up contest but to me she won because she was a much better sight to look at. Better luck next time Chihuahua!!!