Monday, September 13, 2010

Car Problems in the Cloud

A Chevrolet Aveo! So I live right in Central Florida, to be exact we live in Saint Cloud, just south of Orlando. Well I have a Chevrolet S10 that cost me a small nickel to purchase that has been around since 1994, suffice to say it has seen its years and it is on its last breath. However even with the surprising 260,000 miles on the engine it seems to be functioning appropriately, but the recurring fixes are a sure fire sign that it needs to eventually be put down.

Well the fixes have been easy as of late but I ran into a problem last week when I woke up early one morning to find the vehicle would not start. After repeated attempts to jump the vehicle it became clear that it was something more complicated than a simple battery problem. It took nearly a week to get all the parts and tools to fix my car, but that’s not what this is story is all about.

When my car broke down I was suddenly stressed, I had places to go, people to see and of course, a job to get to. Finding transportation to get to and from place to place wasn’t as simple as asking a friend for a ride, there just wasn’t enough time in everyone’s day to cater to my needs. So I did what any thinking man would and called up a rental car company!

Wouldn’t you know it there was an Avis Rental Car just fifteen minutes away, and after a short ride from a friend I was sailing back home in my rental car. I spent a week in this Chevrolet Aveo, a true lifesaver. It got me where I needed to go and with this great website I found online I got a great discount on it!