Monday, September 28, 2010

Come Hell or High Water

The Life Saver! We recently left from Virginia to come down to Central Florida to meet up with my mother. We had four kids in the back seat, all under the age of seven and screaming half the way, but I will get into that in a minute. We decided that now that it is the slow season for tourism in the Disney area, something my mother enlightened us to, that we would head down south for vacation.

Now we were trying to see what we could fit into our budget in the way of tickets, and when we realized what we could afford another question came up… how much are plane tickets? Well it turns out that while very few people are flying to and from the Orlando Airport, ticket prices have gone up. So after careful consideration we called my mom to tell her our dilemma.

Luckily she had offered to let us stay art her house, so we didn’t need to pay for rooms, and she would watch the littlest of the kids while we went to the theme parks. The only thing we were in need of was transportation. Well my mom just happened to know about RentalCarMomma, and once we had totaled all our tickets up and compared them to the price of a rental car for the seven hour trip there and back… well we were only paying about the price of two plane tickets.

Now as I started saying in the first paragraph the trip down here was miserable. We ended up renting a Dodge Grand Caravan from Enterprise, it had plenty of room for our whole family and all our stuff. Not because the car we rented or anything, just because when our youngest child started crying, they all started crying. My husband kept repeating “We will make it there come hell or high water.” On the way home from Florida we just reorganized the car so I had more access to the kids, and the whole way home was pleasant.

We got to see all four of the Disney Theme Parks, something that wouldn’t have been possible except for the money we saved with the rental car. Besides, I couldn’t imagine the other passengers elation if we had our screaming kids on the airplane.