Monday, September 06, 2010

Paintball Part 1

Paintballin' in the hoodWe wanted to do something pretty special because we are hoodrats and wanted to do bad things so the first place we wanted to go was Orlando Paintball and we got strapped up and started bustin off at them haters. We all had to work which was not a big deal because we just wanted to put a few hours in, no big deal. We were at work till around 8 and made a buck to the door and quickly spode off, it was great because I was just in an accident and I had to rent a minivan from Hertz and it fit everyone I was working with, that was we could get there at the same time and be amped up about it as well. We got in and we got strapped up and immediately got to the floor. It was a great experience because we were all put together on teams and aside from working together or working out together we were never really on teams so it was a great experience. Of course even though some of us were on the same team there was others that we were against and of course if there were people we were against then there was most definitely people that were against us! It was a pretty cool experience those because there isn’t many places that do indoor paintballing and I don’t know when the next time ill be able to do so will be so it was a great time for everyone especially me. Well anyways I must say the people that I thought were going to be hiding did not hide. I would fill you in with more details about this event but you’ll have to stay tuned to part two as another member of the jerky boy crew will blog about this place.