Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Move to USF

The truck and the desk. So just to give you some background on my personal life I work minimum wage and I spend most of my week in school. I have very little time for myself and most of it is spent writing papers or preparing for tests. So when it came time for me and my roommate to get means for transportation we both decided that the best thing to do would be get a bike. Since my job is only a mile away and the school is only a short distance further it seemed like a great way to save gas and avoid spending a lot of money on a purchase.

Well, long story short one of my friends asked if I would help him move to USF from Central Florida. He had a small Hyundai Accent, which meant that his small vehicle and my bike weren’t going to do much in the way of getting all his items across the state. I mean it would look semi awkward if you saw me riding my bike with a 100 pound desk strapped on the back. So we decided to look for other means of transportation.

We looked around town to find truck rentals, and honestly we found a few that seemed just a little too high in price for us to even consider it. I mean we only needed to have the car for about ten hours, and we really didn’t need something so big, like I said the desk is about the only thing besides clothing and such that needed to fit in. While searching for rental cars in the Orlando area we came across, and wow was it a lifesaver.

We found a National Rental Car near us and in no time at all we had a Chevrolet Colorado, and with spare change to boot! Packing the desk in the back and using the backseat of this four seater we were packed in and on our way in no time. It worked out real well because her new roommates helped unload the truck and I drove it back to return it.

RentalCarMomma is a lifesaver, and if a predicament arises in the future I will be sure check their website again, it was quick and easy and saved my friend a lot of money.