Thursday, September 16, 2010

Expanding our Horizon

Wave to Cuba! We, being me and my friends decided we needed a break from work. However, since were all students we only got the opportunity to take one day off, so we decided we would do something easy and fun together. We ended up deciding that we wanted to go all the way south and see the massive stone in Key West that showed how close you were to Cuba.

After some research online we decided it would be best to rent a vehicle so that we could all get there comfortably. And seeing as it was our day off we figured we would go do it in style. We rented a Ford Mustang Convertible and cruised our way down to the Keys, engine roaring and wind blowing in our faces. Now everyone knows that this time of year it rains two or three hours out of the day… every day… So we had to pull off twice and put the roof up.

Once we got all the way down there we spent about an hour looking for the stone. After we couldn’t find it we stopped and asked for directions. We just so happened to stop at a seafood restaurant, and after have 20/50 salmon (Just a little oil spill joke) we were on our way to the edge of the world.

We took pictures in front of the massive marker that reads “Continental U.S.A., 90 miles to Cuba.” I think if we yelled loud enough our neighbors could of heard us. It was a fun little adventure, I wish we could have stayed longer but we were in a rush to get back, the sun was going down after all.