Thursday, October 14, 2010

Car Accident

Last Tuesday I was driving home from work on the interstate at around ten at night when out of nowhere I got T-boned into the median. Turns out it feels a lot worse after the incident than when you’re on the scene because I have made repeated visits to the doctor hereafter. But I am getting off topic here, so let me tell you the entire story from start to finish.

A large full sized van that was driving next to me suddenly got a flat tire. Not one of those little flats with a nail in it, the entire rubber fitting flew off all in one swift move, and the car sank down to the ground and swerved right uncontrollably. Luckily it was a work truck, and it was only transporting wood and not passengers, but as it swerved to the right and took me with into the median. Now luckily no one was hurt, after he smashed into my car the front end was nearly torn off. Fortunately I had just come off the on ramp, and was only going about thirty miles an hour.

So my point is after meddling with the insurance agency I realized I would be out a car for a few weeks before everything was done in the paperwork. This meant that I needed to find a car to get to work the next morning, or two mornings, I took the next day off for obvious reasons.

I ended up renting a vehicle from Hertz using RentalCarMomma’s discounts. Heck I am going to need all the money I can get for a new car once the insurance company pulls through. On the bright side watching that old clunker get crushed was about as gratifying as the twenty cards now lined up above my fireplace.