Friday, October 08, 2010

The Boss Goes to Barcelona!

A picture from the rooftop! For a long time I had wanted to take a vacation to a place that I would normally not be remotely interested in going to which is Barcelona Spain but ever since I heard that the Los Angeles Lakers would be playing against the FC Barcelona team in Barcelona I told my self that I had to go. This would also give me an opportunity to visit my aunt who had moved there from the Dominican Republic. I knew that it might be a bit expensive so of course I did some on line research to get the best air flight price as possible. I wouldn’t have to worry about where I would stay because I would be staying at my aunt’s house for the week how ever I did have to find a way to get a car rental company that would be affordable because I would be driving to go to the basketball game. Finally I went to this website called and I was able to secure a great deal on a black 2010 Mercedes E- Class Convertible I could not wait to leave so that I can start pimpin in that whip. I was able to get the days off at my job and my girlfriend had no problem getting the approval from her job as well the last thing before we were ready to leave was to purchase the tickets for the game surprisingly I was able to get floor seats right behind the Lakers bench even though it was a bit pricey I have to say it would be worth every penny. Finally we get ready to leave and we needed to be at the Orlando Int’l Airport by 4:30 a.m. so I volunteered my dad to take us and he didn’t mind because he is an early bird type of a guy. We ended leaving about 5:25 a.m. and by that time I told my lady that she might as well get very comfortable because this would be a straight through flight with no stops it took us 11 hours and 30 minutes to get to the infamous Barcelona International Airport in El Prat De Llobregat which is about 10 minutes from Barcelona City. Once we got off the plane and got our luggage we headed towards the rental location were I then presented my confirmation to the rental car sales representative and he quickly brought out the Black Mercedes 2010 E-Class convertible and it was fully loaded with all the bells and whistles it even had a GPS Navigational system so I was able to punch in my aunts address but before we headed towards her house my girlfriend wanted to have lunch at this nearby corner restaurant that was on our way out of the airport and on our way there we seen this huge billboard showing Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant and it finally set in that we were going to have a blast in this place. Once we get to the restaurant we were of course very impressed. The Euskal Etxea is a stylish Tappas bar in the heart of old town Barcelona. Only a few minutes walk away from Picasso’s museum. We came here to see what the food was like and because the price was right also. This bar serves excellent Pinchos (small rations of tasty food served on a small slice of bread) the word pinchos is Basque and similar to Tapas (Spanish). Pinchos is composed mainly of hams, cheeses or other meats or seafood’s served on a slice of bread all held together by a cocktail stick. A single pinchos is called a "racion de pinchos" or just racion for short. When you arrive at the bar requests a plate and start to choose your pinchos. If you have never had Pinchos or Tapas before There are many different types of pinchos including vegetarian pinchos. A few examples of vegetarian pinchos includes mushroom filled vol-au-vents, rice stuffed peppers or soft cheese pinchos wrapped in vine leaves. The great thing about pinchos dining is that you'll experience a whole variety of flavors at one sitting and you can eat at your own pace. Stay tuned for the continuation of the Barcelona vacation.