Friday, October 22, 2010

The Big Game

The Orlando Magic!
Even though it’s only a preseason game the Jerky Boy Crew has been highly anticipating this pound for pound thrilling match up of the Orlando Magic vs. the Miami Heat. It seems like the season had just started for our Magic Boy’s and that is because since the preseason started they have won 22 straight games. The fellas have been talking for weeks about heading out to Tampa to see the Miami Heat get smashed by the Orlando Magic they would be playing at the St. Pete Times Forum. If you’ve been watching the preseason like I have you would know that the Miami Heat have reason to worry granted the fact that they have the Big Three who are a force in there on right still doesn’t compare to the unstoppable force of the infamous Orlando Gangsta Magic. Dwayne Wade who since the beginning of the preseason has been dealing with an injury due to playing the first 3 minutes of the opener preseason game has had to sit out and also deal with some of his personal issues in reference to his child custody case never the less he has at least been able to depend on King James and Chris Bosch who in there own right are some serious scoring freaks but the team has had to gel very quickly and adjust to the new format as well as adjusting to the beast named Lebron James. I have to be honest I like the Miami Heat but they do not have a chance against the Orlando Magic and the first reason for that is that they do not have an answer for Dwight “Superman” Howard and not to mention the new plays that Van Gundy has now implemented with adding Gortat in at the same time as Dwight on the court making it very difficult for an opposing team to try and double team a big guy knowing that there is another big guy completely open on the floor and of course there is Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter, Rashad Lewis and they also have there new add on with Quinton Richardson and the beast J.J. Riddick. They also have a very strong bench as well and that makes it much harder for Miami to get ahead when the Magic starters and bench can inflict the same amount of damage. I know that this game is going to be electrifying and who ever wins tonight will be a great win regardless because these teams are arguably the best in the entire NBA not to mention that they are from the Sunshine state and of course Quoting DJ Kaled from Miami “WE THE BEST”. Anyway I do believe that this is the year for the Orlando Magic they must bring a trophy back to that new Arena and of course our player’s need those rings as well. I check back with you all tomorrow and I’ll tell you how the game went. Peace!!!