Monday, October 04, 2010

Getting the Kids to Camp

The Lake!
My son’s boy-scouts group have been meeting for nearly two years now and they require that the adults participate. Unfortunately for my son I haven’t really gotten the time to join in on any of the events. So when I had some free vacation days left over I decided I would use them to pitch in and meet all his little friends.

So for the past two months they have been collecting money to go to a summer camp in the hills. The camp was situated around a lake and the group would have their own cabin, suffice to say their anticipation was mounting and they were ready to go. So since I had my vacation days I volunteered to get all the kids to camp on time. One of the other fathers agreed to help me take this adventure, so we figured we would take two vans on the way up.

Regretfully we miscounted, or the leader miscounted and gave us the wrong number. We were going to have two extra kids that weren’t even in the group go to the camp. Since we are both law abiding men that meant we either needed another car or another father to volunteer.

Luckily we found help and rented a fourteen passenger van from Avis, it was the perfect solution to our problems. We got all the kids there on time and they all had comfortable seats on the way!