Friday, October 15, 2010

A Momentary Lapse in Judgment

Front-end SmashSo I get a phone call from a friend that his car is in need of some series repairs. He spent the last week with nothing to drive and needed a part from a nearby Autozone to fix his car. So being the generous young man that I am I arranged for him to use my car to get his part, and then when he was done he could return my vehicle to me and I would take him to his completed car.

Unfortunately this friend of mine wasn't aware that the vehicle in front of him had come to a complete stop... so in a terrible display of metal scraping and paint being exchanged between cars all four cars involved including my own were damaged. Now upon answering the phone call I had assumed it was a joke, however I quickly realized I had a problem on my hands.

Suffice to say no one got hurt but more people than I had hoped for were involved. The culprit behind the entire phenomenon was a local construction company whose roadside crew decided to pull onto the road.

Now luckily I will be able to get to and from work using a rental car I found through this RentalCarMomma. I'm driving a nice new Chevrolet Cobalt from Avis for the time being until my car gets fixed over the weekend.