Monday, October 25, 2010

The Ultimate Let Down

The stadium after they left us hanging.
What a disappointment the Jerky Boy’s head out to the magic and Heat game in Tampa Florida and by some strange chance the basketball court that they would be playing on had some oily substance that prevented the game from going. From what I understand Van Gundy was at the arena early in the morning with Vince Carter and the rest of the boy’s and they noticed immediately that there was something wrong J.J. Riddick had said that it felt like playing on a floor of butter. It amazes me how unorganized the St. Pete Tampa Forum Arena staffs are I mean who really does something like put the wrong chemical on the floor. I’m beginning to think that something fishy was going on maybe the person that did this was paid to do this so the Miami Heat wouldn’t have to suffer the embarrassment and if you think about it you know it could be a possibility because the Orlando Magic is to much for the Heat even though I know that when the season starts the Heat will adjust and start to play a little better but even then they will still be in fear of the Magic. I also heard that Van Gundy had text the coach of the Miami Heat Erik Spoelstra and gave him a heads up about the condition of the court but I’m sure he already knew what time it was with the whole oil deal. What bothered me the most was that the arena was filled with fans of both teams and we all were expecting a great preseason game and it didn’t happen. It seemed like by the time we all got comfortable in our seats we had to get up and leave because they put up a sign on the big screen apologizing for the cancelation of the game and that is when everybody started booing and demanding they get there money back. There was a group that was sitting next to us and they came all the way from Israel, yes you heard me right they came specifically to support the Orlando Magic I mean these dudes looked dedicated they had the Magic jersey’s and they had Magic head bands as well. They were telling us that they came from there country just to watch the pregame and even though it may seem crazy to come out here for them it would be the only chance to see an NBA game live. They hoped that they could at least be compt some tickets for next years season so that by then they could make arrangements to come back out. I guess if you want to look at the bright side at least the players came out on the court for 20 minutes but the crowd was so upset that they started chucking drinks and water bottles at the Miami Heat and then they all quickly left. All I know is the Miami Heat better get ready because they got to deal with the Magic on October 29th, 2010 and I guarantee that the magic will destroy them in there own back yard of Miami so mark my words they will loose to the Orlando Big Body Magic.