Tuesday, October 07, 2010

Building a Play Ground for the Kids

Saving the day!
My wife has been pressuring me for the past few months to build a playground for our kids. Now I am not your all around carpenter that every man is supposed to be, instead I resort to the basics and only build what is within my capabilities. That is to say I avoid trying to make anything complex, and my wife’s mind is outside of the simple, she was thinking something extravagant.

So when I started looking into how to build them I came across these kits that were prepackaged and ready to go, alls you had to do was follow the instructions. So as I looked into the prices I cringed when I realized there was four digits prices on some of them. Lucky for my wife I knew where to look, and found some that a nearby family was selling over the internet.

The only problem is that you don’t mail a five hundred pound box of wood, bolts, screws and hardware for a cheap price. Since the people were only a couple counties away I figured why not just drive over and pick it up? I contacted the people and set it up, the only problem is the only vehicle I own is a minivan and a little BMW, neither the appropriate kind of car to pick this thing up in. I could have strapped some of the items to the roof, but you have to understand that some of this wood was nearly sixteen foot in length.

So I took a break from asking friends if they would help (Not sure I would call them friends now) and started looking at trucks online that I could rent. Now I looked through all the moving companies and decided it wasn’t worth the ridiculous amount of money they were asking and started looking into rental cars. I found RentalCarMomma and the price was just right!

I rented a Chevrolet Silverado from National Car Rental, me and my eldest son crossed counties and brought back home the prize. The effort that went into this was more than expected, but I still saved big compared to those four digit prices!