Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Local Rental Car Companies Verse the Pros

We Rented Dodge Caravan from Thrifty
We just recently took two vacations and we just had to find a place to explain what we found out. Since our second vacation was done through RentalCarMomma it seemed appropriate to talk about it here. The destinations of our vacations seem unnecessary but if you have to ask we travelled from Tennessee to Chicago and San Francisco for two separate reasons.

On our first trip we decided that would rent a vehicle from a local dealer. We figured that local meant cheaper and more family friendly. Unfortunately we were wrong, we spent nearly three hours at the counter filling out papers and giving them our information. By the time we were done I swear the people could have committed identity theft and known all the answers to every question about us. Then when we got the rental car… a mini van it smelled like old shampoo and we found limitless amounts of air fresheners stapled all over the car covering god knows what smells. If you’re asking yourself what old shampoo smells like I can’t even begin to describe it, you would have to sample it yourself.

Our second vacation to San Francisco was a lot more relaxing. We figured that all car rental places had the pain staking process to get in a vehicle, but boy were we wrong. After finding a discounted price on a rental car in our area through RentalCarMomma we prepared for the procedure ahead, we even stopped for lunch before hand expecting to be there for hours. Wouldn’t you know we walked into the Thrifty Car Rental and in no less than fifteen minutes we were driving off the lot in a Dodge Caravan that smelled like… well like a new car. And surprisingly enough we saved quiet a bit of money, and with the help from the discount it seemed like a miracle come true.

My point is these rental car companies know what they are doing, and these discounts are a god send. We will continue to use these guys in the future, no more of that local stuff, we will stick with the professionals.